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Optical recording of goosebumps

C. Kaernbach
Goosebump Team

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Recording goosebumps

Up to now, goosebumps have never been recorded objectively. In studies on goosebumps, participants are asked to press a button when they feel they have goosebumps, or to tick boxes in a questionnaire when they get goosebumps while viewing the movie or listening to the music. 

A project which we first started in Graz and are presently developing, in our emotion lab at Kiel university, is a goosebump recording system, allowing to quantify exactly the degree and temporal extent of goosebump appearance. With this camera system we will investigate the relation of goosebumps to other indicators of emotional arousal such as electrodermal responses. We will also be able to examine the specificity of typical patterns of goosebumps (on arms, legs, back) in response to various stimuli; the reason why some sounds are especially prone to elicit goose bumps (e.g., chalk on blackboard); the influence of ecstatic listening and listening instructions in general on goosebumps; the influence of patriotism on the degree of goosebumps while listening to the national anthem, ....

GooseCam (C)
Goosebump recording system.